Healing Moonlight magick Spelldoll


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Each Healing Spell Doll has been individually infused with a powerful spell that will help cure minor ailments and diseases and ward off ill health, as well as help to speed up your rate of recovery.

This doll has the power to protect you from many forms of ill health and diseases, and has the power to speed up your recovery and cure you from many minor illnesses.

This doll has the power to change your life forever!

Whoever beholds this doll will have the ability to heal and cure themselves much easier and quicker than normal. They will also be magickally protected from becoming ill and will therefore be less prone to disease than normal and make you more resilient to all forms of illness.

Your health and general well being will greatly improve together with a vast improvement to your bodies energy levels and general physical abilities.

The energies contained within are powerful and the spell itself is extremely effective.


These Beautiful Spell Dolls are each Truly Unique and Something Really Special!

Each One Comes With Their Own Individual Personality and a Personal Naming Certifcate

They each have individual personalities, that come alive through the moonlight magick bestowed into them and they each have their own personal magickal energies that will help you differently.

To use them all you need to do is talk to them by their name as you would any friend, share your troubles with them and ask for their help.

If you care for them and look after them, in return they will do the same for you, becoming a true friend and magickal companion that will always be there to help you when you most need them.

Please know that your spell doll will become your true friend. He or she will never judge you and will always be there for you to lend you a magickal hand and help to bring a bit of inspirational magick into your everyday life.

Every spell doll is totally unique and individual, and they all come with their own names and personalised naming certificates printed onto A6 sized parchment paper.

They are truly great companions to have on their own, but they also work really well in combination with other spell doll friends too.

The love and personal energy that you share with them will be further intensified and recipricated as their magick will work to help you in the things that you ask their help for.

Spell dolls really like moonlight energy as it is beautiful, warm and gentle and exposing them to this type of energy is a really great way to help them recharge.

Each Spell Doll is uniquely different and will look slightly different. Each one is approx 2" in height and can easily be carried with you throughout the day.

(Please Note: The picture shows a selection of spell dolls, you are only purchasing just one spell doll for this price.)