Sage Smudging Spray 100ml


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Perfect for travel use and magick on the go, simply spray the area around you to dispel away any negative energies that are present to create a sacred space.

Its as simple as that!

You are then ready to press ahead with any spell acstings or rituals you want to do without any interference from negative energies.

It is also extremely useful for brushing away negative energies that attach themselves to your body throughout the day. Simply spray the air infront of you and dance around in the mist to clear them all away!

All glass jars are recyclable and can be sent back to me for a cheaper re-fill.


Both Amazing types of Smudge Spray (Sage and Sage with Cedarwood) contain waters from Dartmeet, a magickal sacred place in Dartmoor in the South West of England, where the cleanest most purest of three spring river waters merge into one.

These Sacred waters are then further purified and charged with the the crystal energies of Quartz, Amethyst and Topaz greatly empowering it with radiant positivity.

Next Fresh Organic Sprigs of Sage and Bark of Cedar are used, together with pure essential oils, to empower the magickal purification properties of the smudging sprays even further.

Finally this is added to a purified alcohol base to ensure that all the essential oils used are properly distributed within the spray. (Water-based non-alcohol sprays with Essential Oils separate so the Essential Oils either float or sinksin the water,and as such do not spray evenly and do not dispurse negative energies as effectly as they should and could do!)

All these powerful processess and magickal ingredients work together in harmony with one another, to create a perfectly infused smudging spray, suitable for multi-purpose use. (Crystals Sprigs and Bark are not included within the jar).

Please choose which type and size of smudging spray you would most prefer from the above drop down menu. Both types are extremly effective and choice is solely up to personal preference as is the case with size.


Use them where you can't use smudging/smoke... (In particular they are very useful for creating sacred spaces in houses / flats where you share space with other people - and the use of smudging sticks is difficult and inappropriate.)

On holidays in hotels (smudging sets off smoke alarms, but this won't!)

In rented accomodation where smoking is not allowed / you share your home

With others who would not appreciate billowing smoke clouds

To be discreet - living with parents etc..

To clear your workplace/desk area/cubicle of negative vibes

If you have alergies/asthma where smudging smoke is bad for you

In public places or confined spaces

Prior to casting magick or perfoming rituals

Prior to spirit communication or conducting forms of divination

Using them creates a lovely fine scented mist around you as opposed to radiant smoke.


They are both fanstastic alternatives to smudging sticks - giving you the purification power of a smudging stick without the smoke!

A powerful smokeless smudging tool to clear away negative energies, deter dark forces, create sacred spaces and cleanse magickal tools.

Its also useful to use after people of ill intent and negativity leave your personal space - such as at work, on transport or at home after people visit you.

(This listing is for 100ml bottle size of Sage Smudge Spray as shown in the picture.)