Charged Moon Water 100ml


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Devonian Mists' Moon Water is natural spring water, drawn from protected organic land in the Ochil Hills in Scotland, that has been ritually enhanced with magick during the full moon and left to soak up moon energies for a full 28 day moon cycle. Following this a second ritual is performed to enhance the magick before it is poured into blue glass bottles and sealed with silver lids, bottles are then labelled and each adorned with a silver pentacle and a ribbon.

Moon Water can be used to enhance your spells and rituals, it can be added to your bath to promote love or prepare for lunar rituals, to anoint money to increase wealth, and to anoint yourself to increase psychic awareness amongst many other purposes.

Supplies are limited as it takes a full moon cycle to create each bottle of moon water, so please buy it now if you need this, as new supplies will not be available until the next full moon. If you would like to purchase more, please contact me to discuss in advance so they can be created especially for you.

If you would prefer an atomiser spray top instead of the silver lid, please let me know during checkout.