Witches' Ritual Cleanse Magickal Oil


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A truly magickal witchy oil, perfect for use prior to rituals and magickal workings.

(Please Note: Where the picture doesn't show the exact magickal oil you are buying they will come in the same bottles with similar labels)

It can be used to anoint candles, altar items,ritual items, jewellery, talismans and magickal tools and is perfect for everyday magickal use.

Each White Witchery Magickal Oil comes in a 10ml roller ball bottle.


Every witchery magickal oil which I sell is handmade in accordance with specific lunar energies, and blessed during a moonlit ritual.

Each one is individually created using a magickal blend of pure essential oils suited to their specific purpose, which is then ritualistically blended into almond oil.

Each witchery magickal oil is created using only the best quality ingredients available, and I often import these especially for my enchanted magickal products.

All perfume oils are also completely Vegan-Friendly!


The ingredients in my magickal oils are very potent, please handle them with care.

Always keep out of reach of children.

Do not continue use if you have an allergic reaction or suffer any adverse side effects with using this item.

Magickal Oils should not be consumed.