"Invisibility" Witches Ointment

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This is a very potent and powerful witches ointment with a very magickal scent.

It is made from a special blend of pure essential oils, and natural herbs traditionally used for helping to hide objects from being easily noticed.

Simply by anointing these wonderfully potent energies, you will be able to protect objects that are important to you from being stolen, as they will become much less noticeable. It can also be used to help you become less noticeable, which is helpful when you just want to be left alone.

This is an ideal magickal tool if you are a "Secret Witch", and don't want your tools or your practices to be easily noticed by others.

Please note this magickal ointment will NOT make you or any object invisible, but it will make things much less noticeable!


Each Enchanting Witches Ointment is a handmade from a Special Complex Blend of 7 Potent Herbs, and Oils, all of the Finest Quality Available.

The ingredients in this magickal ointment are:

100% Natural - Made with Herbs and Pure Essential Oils of the Finest, Highest Quality

100% Vegan Friendly

Every witches ointment, is made with love and passion, and are all created in harmony with nature.


In many many ways....You can anoint yourself, Your altar/candles, Your clothes, Your jewellery, Your wallet, Any item that you would like too. You can even anoint items as gifts for your friends...


The ingredients in my ointments are very potent, please handle them with care.

All ointments should be used in small amounts and it is advisable to do a skin test first to check for irritancy.

Always keep out of reach of children.

Do not continue use if you have an allergy reaction or suffer any adverse side effects.

Ointments should never be consumed!


Please be aware that witches ointments, may come in either clear or amber coloured glass jars, depending on availability - if you would like to confirm the colour first please contact me prior to purchasing.