Samhain / Halloween Celebration Wiccan Kit


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The chest measures 12cm x 9cm on the base, and is 9cm tall excluding handle

The set contains:-

"Beneath The Veil" 30ml Misting Spray to create a deliciously dark fragrant atmosphere.

"Samhain" 15ml Witches Ointment for annointing yourself, your candles or any other objects.

Ritual Bath Pouch containing a blend of Samhain associated herbs and bath salts suitable for pre-ritual or general Samhain use.

Obsidian Stone for protection and/or scrying.

Graveyard Dirt, useful for communication with the dead.

2 Orange tealight candles in different shades

A Samhain Blessings Scroll

... and a hinged chest, with a distressed appearance, to keep it all in, so you'll have everything you need close at hand.