Lunar Magick Chest


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My lunar magick chest includes a natural, smooth moonstone (not rough like the pictured one), a hand-painted triple moon stone talisman, two white tealight candles, a 15ml pot of “Full Moon Ritual” loose incense, a 10ml bottle of “Lunar” Anointing Oil, five little parchments and a beautiful hinged chest, with a distressed appearance, to keep it all in, so you'll have everything you need to do your moonlight magick simply and easily, both at home or whilst out and about on beautiful starry nights!

As with my mini altar kit, I have hand-made each of the enclosed parchments myself, so their design and information is totally unique just to my store. The parchments include one showing the moon phases in a diagram, a correspondence list for magick by moon phases, one detailing the names of the full moons throughout the year, an ode to the moon, and a short ritual for drawing down the moon. These parchments are slightly larger in size than the ones created for the mini altar kit – they are each approximately 5cm x 7.5cm in size.

The incense and anointing oils are each hand-blended using moon-associated herbs, resins and essential oils of superb quality.

This would make a great moon magick starter kit if you are new to moonlight magick rituals, as well as a lovely kit for those with more experience. This kit is also a nice compact size, so easy for you to take out and about for outside rituals.

The chest measures approximately 10cm by 7.5cm on the base, and is approx. 8cm tall in size.