Witches Curse Ritual Chest Kit


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The chest measures 12cm x 9cm on the base, and is 9cm tall excluding handle

WARNING - This ritual spell kit contains items traditionally used for casting curses and invoking Black Magic.

The contents have traditionally been used for performing black magic rituals such as cursing any foe, inacting revenge and acquiring fair justice, banishing negative forces, dispelling dark magic and evil spirits and even helping to kill germs such as those that give you a cold or flu helping you to make yourself better faster.

This kit contains:

"Witches' Curse" 30 ml Misting Spray - Infused with Rare Herbs, Sacred Gemstones and Pure Essential Oils traditionally used for Curse Magic. It is handmade by myself using only the finest, highest quality natural ingredients.

Two Blood Red Tealight Candles – Blood Red is the symbolic colour of powerful dark forces.

Witches' Curse Incense – Traditionally used to invoke dark powers and raise dark energy as part of curse and hex rituals.

A Sigil Curse Amulet - This symbolic amulet is inscribed with a special sigil traditionally used for casting curses.

A Ritual Scroll – This contains information that explains how you could use the kit.

... and a Hinged Chest, with a distressed appearance, to keep it all in, so you'll have everything you need close at hand.


I hand-make all my misting sprays, incense blends and anointing oils individually using the highest quality ingredients, and all are vegan-friendly.

I also create and write all parchments, scrolls and blessings myself, so each of my kits and items is totally unique to myself.