20 Piece Miniature Travel Wiccan Altar Kit (Red)


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The chest measures approx 8cm x 5.5cm on the base, and is 6cm tall

This cute miniature altar kit has been created for all you travelling witches.

The set contains 4 elemental glass stones, in red, yellow, blue and green, a silver tone pentacle, athame and chalice, a dark red altar cloth, a black rope (a little over 9", for casting a miniature circle), 10 mini parchments, and a little hinged chest, with a distressed appearance, to keep it all in, so you'll have everything you need to do your magick in a miniature.

I have hand-made each of the little parchments, so they are totally unique to my shop, the parchments include one for each of the four elements full of useful correspondences, a wiccan rede, a wheel of the year, a pentagram poster, the witches alphabet, and 2 parchments with a guide to using a miniature circle for magick.

Not only would this be a great little set for travellers, but it would also be so useful for handbags, workplaces, those short on space, or if you need to keep your magick secret from family or housemates as it is so small and discrete. It would also make a great starter kit if you are new to magick rituals - everything you need to practice with before investing in the larger versions of the items you want.

The chest measures just 8cm by 5.5cm on the base, and 6cm tall in size. Do check these dimensions carefully though as they may be smaller than you might imagine!

This wonderful little kit is also available in a variety of other colours too.