Clear Quartz tumblestone


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Clear Quartz is renowned for its power to encourage psychic development and is of course the stone of the infamous crystal ball. Quartz helps amplify your energy and encourage your development as you work, making it much easier for beginners to get results. Use it with caution until you fully understand the power you are raising. In magickal ritual Clear Quartz can be used to symbolise any stone, person, thing or colour because of its ability to absorb energy. It is a blank canvas onto which you can paint your magickal desires. A Quartz stone can be “programmed” for any purpose, as a healing aid, to focus power, amplify magickal power, aid communication, bring forth psychic ability, and for use in building a ritual circle.

These gemstones are natural and hence there is some variation between the stones.

Price is for one tumblestone only.