Sodalite tumblestone


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The specks of calcite that cover this deep blue stone make it look like the foam flecked sea and therefore it is used in Water magick, especially to gain the aid of sea deities. A stone of Wisdom, Intelligence, Courage and Protection. Sodalite lessens fear, banishes insomnia and protects from nightmare. Very calming for the emotionally oversensitive or anyone who is feeling nervous or highly strung. Helps you to look at situations intellectually as well as emotionally and find practical solutions to your problems. Awakens the 3rd Eye and is helpful when trying to develop your second sight or psychic powers. Stimulates creativity, logical thinking, visualisation skills and imagination. Sodalite brings strength and protection on journeys, and can increase your courage and determination when undertaking spiritual or magickal journeys.

These gemstones are natural and hence there is some variation between the stones.

Price is for one tumblestone only.