Winter Frost Misting Spray 100ml


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Welcome in the winter nights with the frozen silence of a winters dawn.

Pine needles on a frosted tree covered in last nights snow.

Sound becomes muffled by the brisk winters air.

Suddenly everything Glistens and Sparkles in a majestic haven, a magick enchanted evergreen, hidden amongst the bright white and beauty of frozen silence and winters snow.

A beautiful scent reminiscent of a winters frost.

This is the perfect scented fragrance to create an amazing crispy wintry atmosphere within your home, that's great for magick and all your winter time celebrations.

Handmade with a special blend of pure essential oils that are added to a purified alcohol base, to ensure that all the essential oils used, are properly distributed evenly within the spray. (Water-based non-alcohol sprays with Essential Oils separate so the Essential Oils either float or sink in the water,and as such do not spray evenly and do not disperse negative energies as effectively as they should and could do!)