Handfasting Celebration Kit in Chest


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The chest measures 9.5cm x 7.5cm on the base, and is 8cm tall excluding handle

The set contains:-

"Love Anointing Oil" 10 ml - An exquisite recipe and beautiful magickal tool that is perfect for anointing handfasting candles, and for the happy couple to anoint each other with as part of the ritual ceremony, to symbolize their love for each other, if they would like too.  It is handmade by myself using only the finest, highest quality, 100% pure natural ingredients, with a wonderful enchanting scent that truly inspires a sense of eternal love as a gift from the goddess and from all of nature.

A Glass Jar of Pink Confetti Rice – Perfect for display use on the ceremonial altar, or for use as confetti in celebration of the happy couple.

A Handfasting Blessing Scroll - This can be given to or read aloud to the happy couple as part of the ceremonies celebrations.

... and a Hinged Chest, with a distressed appearance, to keep it all in, so you'll have everything you need close at hand.


I hand-make all my misting sprays, incense blends and anointing oils individually using the highest quality ingredients, and all are vegan-friendly.

I also create and write all parchments, scrolls and blessings myself, so each of my kits and items is totally unique to myself.