The Love Chest


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The chest measures 9.5cm x 7.5cm on the base, and is 8cm tall excluding handle

The set contains:-

"Eternal Love" 30 ml Misting Spray - A wonderful magickal tool infused with Herbs, Gemstones and Essential Oils traditionally used by witches to create a fragrant scented atmosphere of love, peace and tranquility.  A perfect accompaniment to use with love spells and rituals, for handfastings and for other special occasions that also celebrate love. It is handmade by myself using only the finest, highest quality, 100% pure natural ingredients.

Two Red Tealight Candles – Red is the colour most associated with emotions of Eternal Love and Heartfelt Passion.

"Lust After Me" 10 ml Roll on Perfume Oil – A truly magickal witchy oil with a very sensual and seductive scent!

"Love" Incense - This is a very special blend of herbs, gums and resins that create an intoxicating scent of love and passion.  Handmade using only the finest, highest quality natural ingredients, its evocative scent will thrill your senses, and set the perfect mood for a night of love, sex and passion.

... and a Hinged Chest, with a distressed appearance, to keep it all in, so you'll have everything you need close at hand.


I hand-make all my misting sprays, incense blends and anointing oils individually using the highest quality ingredients, and all are vegan-friendly.

I also create and write all parchments, scrolls and blessings myself, so each of my kits and items is totally unique to myself.