Hand Blended Magickal Astral Travel Oil 10ml


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This Magickal Witches Oil is specifically designed to be used to help you with astral travel practices.

It can be anointed to jewelry, candles, altar items, magickal tools, crystals and amulets to empower them and infuse them with your desires, will and intent.

Each Magickal Witches Oil comes in a 10ml blue glass bottle.

I am totally passionate about all of the oils which I make, and so I only ever use the finest quality ingredients possible. Every oil which I sell is handmade in accordance with specific remedies, some of these are ancient traditional recipes past down throughout generations past, others are concoctions that I myself have developed with my extensive experience of the properties of herbs, essential oils and other correspondences.

Each witches oil is created to the highest standard, using a complex blend of all-natural, rare, high quality ingredients.

All oils are also completely Vegan-Friendly!

Please note that this item contains sweet almond oil and should be avoided by anyone suffering from nut allergies.