Aura Cleanse Misting Spray 30ml


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Note: picture shows the money maker spray but this item is for the Aura Cleanse spray - same bottle, spray top and label style, different spray!

Made from the highest quality ingredients using a special blend of pure essential oils traditionally used for aura cleansing.

Aura cleanse misting spray is powerful magickal tool infused with Herbs, Gemstones and Essential Oils traditionally used by witches to cleanse and heal a persons aura.  Its powerful essence will dispel away all negativity, heal any and all damaged caused to your aura through the continuous attack and bombardment of negative forces, strengthen your aura to provide you with more powerful protection against future attacks, and restore the flow of balance across your whole aura, allowing it to regain a state of full harmony once more. It is handmade by myself using only the finest, highest quality, 100% pure natural ingredients.

Aura Cleanse comes in a small 30ml blue glass spray canister which is light and easy to carry anywhere with you on the go - that you can use to give yourself a little boost of extra magick whenever you feel a need for it!

This aura cleanse spray is the same spray that is included with the 'Aura Cleanse Ritual Kit in Chest', and can be used to refill your kit.