Sigil Spell Moon Stone Charging Talisman


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These Incredible Sigil Stones have Four Very Special Magickal Properties:-

Cleansing and recharging magickal vessels of Djinn, Khodams, Dragon Spirits and all other forms of Supernatural Entities – moonlight energy is powerful but gentle, inoffensive and is really liked and enjoyed by all spirits!!!

Enhancing the Potency and Power of ORMUS and greatly empowering it and its magickal properties and effects with powerful additional moonlight magick!!!

Determining whether a vessel actually contains a spirit, sadly some sellers do us all an injustice by selling empty vessels and this will allow you to check and have peace of mind

Enhancing Spirit Communication

The sigil spell inscribed on to these sacred stones is a powerful spell that draws upon the sacred energies and power moon light, that can be used to both cleanse and empower any magickal vessels of powerful spirits and supernatural beings.

It can also be used to help detect empty vessels as well as enhance your ability to communicate better with any spirits that you currently possess.

Additionally there are also many other uses for these amazing talismans besides those previously mentioned above. 

Their uses are only limited by your own imagination. 

Some suggestions I would highly recommend using are:

Rubbing your fingers gently across them to cast a more powerful spell

Using them as a magickal tool to enhance your rituals

Meditating on them whilst listening to tranquil soothing music

Using them as symbolic alter decoration

Using them to empower your candle magick

Using them to empower and make your own talismans and charms

And you are welcome to make use of their powers in whatever other ways you feel most appropriate as well.

(Please Note: Each stone is made to order, so will differ slightly from the one show, but will be the same colour and design.)