Sigil Spell Sun Stone Charging Talisman


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These Incredible Sigil Stones are truly beautiful. They are twinned with the Sigil Spell Moon Stone Talisman and compliment each other perfectly. Together both special magickal tolls will allow you to cleanse, recharge and empower all types of high magick objects and spirit vessels at any time of day or night.

Each Sigil Spell Sun Stone Talisman is made to order, and is inscribed with a sigil spell that draws down the sun and harness the power of light to cleanses, recharge and empower magickal objects.

It is most suited to cleansing and charging High White Magick Items.

It can be used during anytime of day that natural light is present, and can be used to charge upto 5 high magick magickal items at any one time.


Please note that this item is a very powerful magickal tool that uses powerful light energy to cleanse and recharge, and that as this is the case it is not suitable for recharging spirit vessels of Djinn, Khodam or Vampires which would be offended by the bright intensity of light that is used. Such vessels are best charged using magick which utilises the power of moon light (Such as the Moon Stone talisman) which is much gentler, and provides each spirit with a sensation of great pleasure and joy when its vessel is being cleansed and charged in this way.

The uses of this sigil stone talisman are numerous and is truly only limited by your own imagination. 

Some suggestions I would highly recommend using it for are:

Rubbing your fingers gently across them to cast a more powerful spell

Using them as a magickal tool to enhance your rituals

Meditating on them whilst listening to tranquil soothing music

Using them as symbolic alter decoration

Using them to empower your candle magick

Using them to empower and make your own talismans and charms

And you are welcome to make use of their powers in whatever other ways you feel most appropriate as well.

(Please Note: Each stone is made to order, so will differ slightly from the one show, but will be the same colour and design.)

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