Seance & Spirit Communication Ouija Kit


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The chest measures 34cm x 12cm on the base, and is 14cm tall excluding handle

An essential kit for conducting a seance safely with friends, and for solitary safe communication with spirits as well.

Suitable for both beginners and adepts.

This special seance kit includes:

Spirit Communication Ointment - A highly potent witches ointment that will help you to connect with the spirit realm, invoke spirits and communicate with them.

Dark Shield Perfume Oil - Potent magickal protection to defend you against all manner of dark forces.

Touch of Death Perfume Oil - A potent scent to honour the dead, and give aromatic offerings to spirits. It can also be used to appease angry spirits as using it will give them a lot of pleasure.

5 Purple Candles - For additional protection and banishment of dark forces.

5 White Candles - To empower your spirit board, and seance, with the power of white magick.

A Beautifully Laminated A4 Parchment Ouija Spirit Board - to help you hold a seance with friends, and communicate with spirits, that you invite into your home. It is a wonderful magickal tool that can be used again and again, and is something which would also make a wonderful addition to any book of shadows.

1 x Hematite Ring - This will act as the planchette for your seance. It is a powerful magickal tool, which connects really well with all manner of spiritual energies.

1 x Obsidian Stone - A powerful talisman for additional magickal protection.

Consecrated Graveyard Dirt - A powerful substance born of both earth bound energies and tied with spirit realm ones - extremely useful for helping to invoke peaceful spirits, and assisting with communication.

Witches Salt - Very special salt, blessed and empowered with white magick, and consecrated with the powerful energies of moonlight underneath the light of a full moon.

Pack of 10 Sage Incense Cones - For smudging away negative energies (now in a new box design).

1 x Wooden Incense holder - suitable for incense cones and incense sticks.

... and a huge long hinged chest, with a distressed appearance, to keep it all in, so you'll have always have everything you need close at hand!

I hand-make all my misting sprays, ointments, perfume oils, and bath pouches individually using the highest quality ingredients, and all are vegan-friendly.

I also create and write all parchments, scrolls and blessings myself, so each of my kits and items is totally unique to myself.


Full guidance and instructions for conducting a safe seance, will also be included with this purchase.

All ingredients included will last you for ages, and if you ever run out of anything, you can purchase all items individually from my shop, so there is no need to ever buy another kit again.

This special seance kit can also be used in conjunction with your own spirit board and planchette if you would prefer.