The Magick Story - Manifestation of Wealth & Prosperity


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The legacy of this story is very true indeed

Who so ever reads the story aloud to themselves will cast out a powerful spell

A spell that will awaken powerful inner energies deep within you

Energies that will work like a powerful magnet attracting wealth, money and fanatastic opportunities into your life.

You need only ever say the story aloud once, perform a simple ritual and let the magick will start to happen!

This story's enigmatitic power will manifest great energies around you as its magick begins to take effect.

And you yourself begin to attract new opportunities and greater wealth into your life.

Details of the ritual will be sent to you!

You need not be a witch or have any experience with magick

You simply need to believe in yourself and the magick of this story, and amazing things will begin to materialise in your life from nowhere, guiding you along a path to happiness.


You are buying a copy of The Magick Story enscribed onto Parchment Paper that will be sent to you by post.


This story is to be shared with those who most need its help.

Its magick is strong and will help to improve the wealth of anyone who truly needs it.