Meditation Ritual Kit in Chest


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The chest measures 12cm x 9cm on the base, and is 9cm tall excluding handle

Please note that as these are all natural gemstones there will be some variation between each set.

The set contains:-

"Meditation" 30 ml Misting Spray - A powerful magickal tool infused with Herbs, Gemstones and Essential Oils traditionally used by witches for helping to achieve a deeper level of meditation, spiritual awareness and mental focus. It is handmade by myself using only the finest, highest quality, 100% pure natural ingredients.

Two White Tealight Candles – White is the colour best associated with achieving levels of deeper meditation, clarity of the mind, calmness, balance, inner peace and mental focus.

Three Gemstones –

Sodalite is traditionally used to enhance communication both with other people, and with spirits in the spirit world.  It is also traditionally known to stabilize emotions, help improve clarity of thought and perception, encourage inner peace and expand conscious awareness and psychic activation during mediation.

Red Jasper is traditionally known for assisting with practical actions that lead to positive change, as well as aiding with recovery and repair.

Clear Quartz Crystal is traditionally known for its ability to greatly amplify energies, both of other crystals nearby, thereby greatly enhancing their power and over all effects, but also of your own energies.  It has also been traditionally used for scrying and also to strengthen your aura, help cleanse the body of negative energy, remove block emotions to encourage calm, increase clarity of thought, and sharpness of perception, increase motivation and energy levels and aid meditation in the development of psychic awareness and establishment of spiritual peace.

A Symbolic Amulet - This symbolic amulet is inscribed with a magick sigil specifically designed to help you achieve deeper levels of meditation more easily and promote inner peace, harmony and well-being.

A Ritual Scroll – Important information that will explain how to use the kit to make great positive changes within your life, that will help you to achieve greater spiritual awareness and positive well-being.

... and a Hinged Chest, with a distressed appearance, to keep it all in, so you'll have everything you need close at hand.


I hand-make all my misting sprays, incense blends and anointing oils individually using the highest quality ingredients, and all are vegan-friendly.

I also create and write all parchments, scrolls and blessings myself, so each of my kits and items is totally unique to myself.