Beautiful Energy Transference Wooden Wand


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This Beautiful Hand Crafted Natural Wood Wand is very unique and very special.

It has an energy transference stone positioned at the top of wand, to attract, gather and focus energy to greater enhance the power and accuracy of spell casting.

The body of the wand has also been pyrographed with a celtic design towards the top, burnt directly into the wood, and finished off with several anointments of Almond Oil, to both preserve and protect the quality of the wand.

This Beautiful Wand is extremely smooth to touch, and magnificent to behold.

It is a really good weight – not to heavy – and not too light.

Its length is approx 28.5 cm / 11.4 inch.

It is perfect for anyone practicing magick whether you are just starting out along your magickal path, or are more experienced in your magickal practices.


I also offer a free blessings service to anyone who would like to accept it.  Simply send me an email after purchasing the wand, if you would like this done, and I will consecrate the wand with 7 special blessings before sending it out to you.  This is a completely optional service that I am happy to offer free of charge.