Law of Attraction for positive energies


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for bringing positive energies and abundant opportunities towards you

"Law of Attraction" is a magickal perfume oil to attract all positive energies towards you, bringing about positive changes into your life.  It is an especially useful perfume oil to use if there are goals in your life you are working towards that you need a little help with, such as career goals, friendship and love-life aims, exam success, quitting smoking or weight-loss, or any other aims where positive energies could help you along.  It can also help you to come to terms with changes that have happened in your life, and help you to view these from a positive perspective, with new hope and energy for the future.  "Law of Attraction" will help you to feel positive, uplifted and optimistic, bringing with it an abundance of opportunities into your life.

The magic and scent within Law of Attraction Perfume Oil will release you from stagnant and negative energies, making you feel happier and healthier, and keep you connected to the very foundation of your being, within everyday life.

This beautiful enchanted perfume oil is magickally charged using a sacred magickal formula to attract all good forces towards you.

Simply by anointing yourself with it you will find that you will be able to draw on more positive universal energies with much more ease for use with any spellwork or ritual rites that you would like to undertake, thereby helping you to boost and improve their power and the speed and results of their outcomes.

It is perfect for everyday use as a magickal perfume/aftershave, but also for specific magick ritual use and magickal energy enhancement tool as well.

It is suitable for both men and women and the label can be altered to say perfume oil or cologne - which ever is most preferred - please let me know upon your purchase.  (I will label as perfume oil by default if you don't state a request.)

Each White Witchery Perfume Oil comes in a 10ml roller ball bottle.


Every magickal witchery perfume oil which I sell is handmade in accordance with specific lunar energies, and blessed during a moonlit ritual.

Each perfume oil is individually created using a magickal blend of pure essential oils suited to their specific purpose, which is then ritualistically blended into almond oil.

Each witchery perfume oil is created using only the best quality ingredients available, and I often import these especially for my enchanted magickal products.

All perfume oils are also completely Vegan-Friendly!


Actually it couldn’t be simpler to use.

All you need to do is anoint yourself as and when you feel the need.

They can be used as everyday perfumes/aftershaves, a magickal boost, or just when you are in need of a little witchy-ness!

They are also great to use in combination with your own rituals and spellwork to increase their magickal outcomes.


The ingredients in my perfume oils are very potent, please handle them with care.

All perfume oils should be used in small amounts and it is advisable to do a skin test first to check for irritancy.

Always keep out of reach of children.

Do not continue use if you have an allergy reaction or suffer any adverse side effects.

Perfume Oils should not be consumed.